Seasons Horn-rimmed Eyeglasses Edit

Seasons Horn-rimmed Eyeglasses Edit

I really liked these glasses, but they are too big. I reduced them and added a few new color options and an option with conventional lenses. You can choose a replacement version, there are also available new colors.

  • EA mesh edit
  • For all genders
  • Standalone and Default replacement versions
  • Proper LODs and maps
  • Custom icon thumbnail
  • 12 EA swatches
  • 8 new swatches
  • 12 EA swatches with conventional lenses
  • 32 swatches in total
  • TOU

Seasons EP required!

Choose the download link: 
Standalone: Mediafire | SimFileShare 
Default replacement: Mediafire | SimFileShare  

Model genetics (Kate, Dana, Alen, Marion)